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This motto stays with our company since 1990 - the year in which the company has began organizing participation of polish companies in international fair. At the beginning we were on the eastern markets, nowadays in the whole Europe and outside Europe too. Last time, we organize the international fairs in few dozen countries of the world for thousands of exhibitors.

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Call us: +48 519 804 008



One of the most important elements of company's presentation during the fair is well-done, functional, well-located stand. Stand with appropriate place for showing exhibits, with suitable colors has to presents the name and the logo of the company. As we know, stand is the prestige of the company.
One of the branch of our company is preparing not only the project of the stand, but also its elements and assembling it on chosen fair.
We carry out the stands using such systems as: OCTANORM, MAXIMA, STRUCTURE. There could be one-level and storied stands. Many year's experience of our designers give well-done stands with appropriate equipment and colors.

For building stands we use only high quality products, boards, panels, steel profiles, sheet metals and glass. We equip our stands with all needed table wares.
We build stands not only in Poland but abroad as well. We guarantee transport and assembly of the stand on agreed date.
High qualifications of our workers is the guarantee for achieving the prestige of exhibitor all over the world.